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How To Handle Builders Waste Removal Easily

When you’ve got a mound of junk in your property, it can be tough knowing what to do. It might seem like a relatively simple rubbish removal task. Just quickly chuck everything away and be done with it. But until you’re confronted with such a scenario, you won’t really know just how tricky it can be. A lot of people realise this when they have a builders waste clearance task or just a loft clearance project. They think they’re going to just chuck away a few things and that getting rid of everything will be a piece of cake, won’t pose them any problems. Then, by the end of the task, they take a step back and look at the mound of rubbish that’s accumulated.

Contemplating getting rid of such an amount of waste can prove to be daunting. Many people experience those same feelings when attempting to take care of builders waste removal. The building work in your London property has just been completed. That’s great. But now onto the next stage. You’ve been left with a mound of building junk, scraps and materials, various bits and bobs blighting the appearance of your property. In all likelihood, the builders have left everything in your garden.


 It’s now up to you to take care of builders waste clearance in London. You can’t just leave it for your local council in London to collect. Builders waste collection in London isn’t that straightforward. But although you might be overwhelmed with the prospect of rubbish clearance, you could make the process a whole lot easier. If you know what to do, you’ll be able handle builders waste disposal fast and easily.

  • A lot of builders use skip hire because it is the easiest way to get rid of junk whilst building work is going on. Anything that needs to be disposed of can just go straight in the skip. But you’ve got to decide if it’s worth hiring a skip. It largely depends on the extent and duration of the building work, how much junk there’s going to be. That’s because you’re going to have to apply for a skip permit to have the skip parked on the road outside your property. You’re going to have to get in touch with your local council. Most companies that lease out skips also collect them and get rid of the junk for you too. Most in London would accept builders waste and would help you get on-road permits in London.


  • Check if the rubbish disposal company you’re hiring is fully licenced. They should also have ethical credentials, meaning they dispose of builders waste in the correct manner and ethically too.


  • The most obvious thing to do would just be to call a London rubbish collection company. Get a professional waste collection team on board, and the process will become a great deal easier. Sure, you’ll have to shell out some more cash in order to fund the service. But on the plus point, you won’t have to do a thing. If they’re a professional company, they’ll do absolutely everything for you. The top companies won’t leave a trace of rubbish behind. But it’s important to do your research and ensure they are a team of builders waste removal professionals and not just a cowboy company. Professional companies will do the job right and will dispose of all the junk in the correct manner. Cowboy companies may just collect the junk but then just dump it anywhere. If the rubbish gets traced back to you, you could be the one who gets into trouble. Just ensure you thoroughly vet any prospective waste clearance companies first before making any bookings.


  • An alternative to hiring a waste clearance company is to get the builders, their company, to get rid of the junk themselves. You may have to pay them extra for this. But it will mean that the junk will be gone when the builders go. Everything will happen quickly. You won’t be left with a mound of junk after your completed building project.


Certain types of building materials can be recycled. Even things like bricks, rubble and hardcore construction materials can be reused, or broken down and used for other building projects. Specialist rubbish clearance contractors can be hired for the recycling of building waste. You can get information about them by contacting your local authority. With materials like bricks, you may not even want to get rid of them. Such materials may come in handy at a later date. Saving them is always an option.

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